021 : The Next Step, Our NFL Pre-Draft Episode

The draft is here!!! Feels like forever ago that the season ended, and we have all been sitting around waiting for 2018 NFL Draft to start. The draft signals a new chapter for so many young players and some times, even whole teams. The guys jump head first into draft talk with what’s expected from the Cowboys and the Seahawks. They discuss the needs, the rumors, and what they want to see from their teams this weekend. Andrew doesn’t like mock drafts, but they find one he is ok with and run through it, but nobody really knows what will happen Thursday night. The bet is on for the #1 overall pick, and we will find out who gets the steak dinner soon enough. It’s not all draft though, and the guys break down the week in Dallas and Seattle and even go over the recently released schedules, and the disappointment that comes with them. It is a LOADED episode and you can feel the excitement for the draft and the future of their teams.