030 : Smoke, S’Mores, and Safeties

Better late than never we always say!!! The guys get together for a quick episode after Bryan was gone most of the week on a little camping trip. On the Cowboys side of things, they play again Sunday, and Andrew likes what he has seen from training camp. The only big issue, seems to be the hits to their bread and butter…offensive line. What’s going on there? The Seahawks played preseason game #2, meaningless, and then lost to Minnesota right before they hit record. Lots of fresh, up to the minute updates from Seahawks Land. Offensive line looks improved, defense though?? And Michael Dickson will be the MVP of the league this season. Ok, maybe not, but he’s damn good. Mix all that in with some camping, some Andrew Luck, and a message from little Emmett. The regular season is around the corner. Thank God!