042 : ’18 Week 11; Running Hard, Throwing Soft, and Lots of Tackles

Week 10 has come and gone, Cowboys win, Seahawks lose. Now both with the same records once more. The Seahawks visited the Rams and put up 31 points, but ultimately the high powered Rams offense did what they do. The Seahawks may have exposed some weaknesses in the Rams defense, but in the end, the Seahawks are that team that have a lot of great pieces, but can’t seem to put it all together. Bryan talks about that game and continues his criticism of Russell Wilson, whom he sees as a major reason they haven’t won more games. He may be the only one that believes that. Across the country in enemy territory, Dallas gets a most satisfying win, knocking off division rival Eagles. Andrew is a happy camper with what he saw from the Cowboys offense, and how the defense continues to shine. There is a very wide open road to a division title for the Cowboys, but they need some help along the way. The guys then preview week 11 as Dallas goes to Atlanta and Seattle hosts Green Bay on Thursday Night Football. They also talk about some NFL news, and of course do their weekly game picks. We are past the halfway point in the season. It goes by way to fast. Go Hawks & Go Cowboys!