The Guys

Bryan McLaughlin and Andrew Guzman are good friends but belong to two very different fan bases. Fans of the Seahawks and fans of the Cowboys don’t like one another when it comes to football, but these two have found some “common ground” to share their unique views on their teams and the biggest stories in the NFL.

Bryan is from the Pacific Northwest and has been a Seattle sports fan his whole life. He now lives with his wife and his two boys, 4 year old Emmett and baby Finnley, in beautiful Wenatchee, Washington. Despite living in Central Washington, his love for his Seattle sports teams is still strong. He is a self proclaimed “realistic fan” and expects these high paid athletes to win. He is a proud “12” and wants nothing else but more Seahawks championships.

Andrew is also from the Pacific Northwest, but wears a Dallas Cowboys jersey every Sunday. Living in Wenatchee, Washington as well makes it interesting being a Dallas fan. He is super passionate about football, and all the little details that make the game great. Breaking down a game with him is educational, and his viewpoints always spark fun conversations. He shares his distant Dallas fandom with is wife and 3 year old son, Lucas.