050 : ’18 Divisional Round; The One Who Moved On

We knew going into Wild Card Weekend, that only one of our teams would be moving on. Would it be Andrew’s Cowboys or Bryan’s Seahawks? After a great game, the Cowboys came out on top and move on to face the Rams in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. What went right for Dallas, and what went horribly wrong for Seattle? The guys have those answers ready, including another rant from Bryan on the biggest mistake the Seahawks made, leading to their ultimate loss. The guys also check in the NFL coaching hires, the importance of the kicker and why they have been so bad this season, as well as going through the rest of the Wild Card Weekend results, and previewing the other games in the Divisional Round. Andrew gets the spotlight to preview the Dallas vs Rams game and how his team can go on the road and beat the offensive monster that is the LA Rams. You might be surprised how confident he is in a Cowboys victory. Who moves onto Championship weekend? We shall find out. Until then, GO HAWKS and GO COWBOYS.