071 : ’19 Week 3; Don’t Downplay the Competition

Bryan is riding solo this week with Andrew out sick. He does his best to talk Cowboys and rants and raves about the week 2 results of his Seahawks. What went right and what went wrong? Eli Manning, all the injured QB’s, Jalen Ramsey rumors, and the rigged Patriot’s schedule are the news stories of the week. For a week 3 preview, it’s all about not downplaying the competition. Miami is bad, but Dallas should still be careful. Drew Brees may be hurt but that doesn’t make New Orleans a sure win for the Hawks, not even one bit. What do the Seahawks need to do to beat the Saints and go 3-0? Game picks, a fun NFL100 activity, and of course the world famous #DennisFromOhio segment. Go Hawks and Go Cowboys!