006 : Return of the Patriots

Just when you think you got them, their fearless leader Tom Brady leads them to victory once again. The Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl. Yawn, so much yawning, kind of like the yawning during the NFC Championship game. We recap both of the games, discuss the Super Bowl 52 matchup and wonder when Brady will one day just go away. Andrew goes over Cowboy news, Bryan goes over Seahawk news, and they both get a little free agent curious with what’s available on the market this offseason. Finally, who will the guys root for in the big game?? Subscribe, Download, Listen, and please Rate & Review.

1 thought on “006 : Return of the Patriots

  1. Episode 6 was very good! I especially like the Bryan and Andrew both want 2 different teams to win the Super bowl. It’s makes the debates even better. Still love that you do a NFL update as well as your own teams! And for the love of god Andrew go see Star Wars! You said you had tickets 2 episodes ago.

    But back to sports. You guys are very knowledgeable and I catch myself answering your questions or commenting wth you as I listen. The podcasts keep me engaged the entire time. Looking forward to the next one and until then… JIMMY GRAPPS and GO NINERS


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