023 : You’re Still Holding On, Let Go!

Inspired by the emotionally unstable Kylo Ren, we are all trying to let go and embrace reality. In this case, reality is, the offseason really is here and there’s nothing we can do about it. We will get through it however, and it starts with listening to this episode. The guys jump right in to discuss the events from the week including Andrew’s rant for Eagle’s fans accusing Cowboys of stealing their spot in the draft. What? Bryan talks some more draft picks after rookie minicamps took place all over the league. Who’s his favorite Seahawks draft pick now? And who surprised most people during the minicamp? He also talks about the Russell Wilson contract situation and how ugly things could get in the next couple years. Both guys have the same opinion on Big Ben, and it’s an interesting opinion indeed. His comments are big news this week, and the guys react to those in such a polite fashion. And then a little game of Home Run, Bust, or Meh. 1st Round QB’s is the topic and the goal is to show how risky those 1st round picks can be. Let’s get this offseason underway, it will be fun, we promise.