024 : Summer Sucks, Part I

We’re baaaacccckkkkk! After taking a week off hoping some football news would pop up, the guys are confronted with yet another slow week in Seattle and Dallas football. That’s ok though, they do dig deep enough to find some topics and create another entertaining episode. Andrew goes over the Terrance Williams arrest situation and then asks the question; should you tell everyone you want to be the best ever? Dak does. What’s it all mean? In Seattle, Bryan updates the Earl Thomas situation as well as giving everyone the A-A-Ron relax treatment. You might be surprised how he thinks the next season will turn out. The biggest story in all the sports world is the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on sports gambling. What will the state’s do now that the ball is in their court? See what we did there? Ball…court… Anyways, the guys weigh in on the gambling story and what’s next in that realm. It may be the offseason, but each episode is more fun than the last. Thanks for listening and all your support.

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