026 : We Were On A Break! Our Season 2 Premiere

Wow, that break flew by and training camp is here!!! The guys return in grand fashion to preview Seahawks and Cowboys training camp and the stories that surround the joyous occasion. Who are they most excited to see? What is the most intriguing thing they want to see in camp? Are all the new coaches going to make a difference? Will the Earl Thomas situation ever have a resolution or will it just go on for entirety of this podcast’s life (it has so far)? So many stories from both teams to go over and fit in one show, so it’s a long one, but one of the best yet. The NFL drama also never stops and there is plenty to discuss in contract signings, National Anthem, hold outs, and more! Last week without a football game until February! Let’s go! #ButterySmooth


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