025 : Summer Sucks, Part II, Our Season Finale

All good things must come to an end. Not this podcast though!!! We will carry on…after a little break. The NFL world is quiet right now and so we present our “season finale” for “season 1” even though we are a podcast and not a TV show. The guys discuss the impending hiatus, why they are doing it, what it all means, and what to expect when they make their big return for training camp. They also discuss some small Seahawks stories, like Brandon Marshall signing, and Cliff Avril’s comments about Coach Pete Carroll. The anthem controversy comes up and is briefly discussed but will make a big appearance in “season 2”. The new kick off rules are dumb, and the NFL we know and love continues to die a slow and a painful death. Captain Andrew Luck makes an appearance and they leave you with the biggest cliffhanger in podcast history!!! Or do they? A Buttery Smooth ending to the first 25 of many more episodes.

1 thought on “025 : Summer Sucks, Part II, Our Season Finale

  1. Wow, I just read about Josh Gordod with the Seahawks. Did you hear about how he got suspended? From what I read it was for substance abuse. He has been suspended 6 times. can you believe that?? I imagine coach Pete Carroll is probably not too happy.

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