033 : ’18 Week 2; Missed Kicks, Bad Picks, and RPO’s

Week 1 of real football is in the books!!! Bryan and Andrew discuss their team’s losses, what went right, what went wrong, and try to look on the bright side of things. Earl Thomas returns and so does bad offensive line play and lack of pass rush. Dak doesn’t look great, but he’s sandwiched between Cam and Goff, which can’t be comfortable. In the look ahead, the guys give their opinions on what needs to happen for wins in week 2. Could both teams be 0-2 leading into their matchup against each other in week 3? We shall see as Dallas plays Eli and the Oversized Helmets, while Seattle takes on Da’ Bears. On top of all that, heated conversations about NFL rules and penalties, who had bad weeks around the NFL, why Gruden is farting on the sidelines, and did you really expect anything less from A-A-Ron? Game picks cap off another lively and buttery smooth episode. Go Hawks, and Go Cowboys!