034 : ’18 Week 3; Winning, Losing, and FitzMagic

Week 2 is in the books and we have a winner in the Cowboys and a loser in the Seahawks. Andrew saw some encouraging things with his team from Dallas while Bryan saw nothing encouraging out of his hometown team and his rant in this episode clearly says that. Check out their thoughts on both games. Plenty of other NFL stores including FitzMagic, Patrick Mahomes, retiring at halftime, and really Cleveland, really? Week 3 is the big one between Dallas and Seattle at CenturyLink Field. The guys preview the game and what they want to see from both their teams. An 0-3 start would doom the Hawks, but a 2-1 start would be very promising for the Cowboys. It’s another LOADED episode with game picks and another edition of Social Media Mailbag. Enjoy!