035 : Part 1 : ’18 Week 4; Running, Passing, and Tiger Woods

With Andrew on a work trip, Bryan must fly solo for Part 1 of our week 3 recap and week 4 preview. Nervous, Bryan navigates through the Seahawks big win against the Cowboys. They ran the ball!!! He gives his Awesome of the Week and his Bummer of the Week, and you may be surprised on who gets that coveted Awesome award. What’s up with Dak? Wasn’t he supposed to better than this? He can’t avoid the Earl Thomas situation after what went down this week. What do you do if you’re the Seahawks? Extend him, trade him, or do nothing? After some game picks, and some social media fun, it’s time for a little non-football talk. Tiger Woods wins again and it hit Bryan in a special way. Hear his emotional dialogue on what it means to sports to have Tiger back on top. Andrew returns for Part 2 later this week. Enjoy! #ButterySmooth