037 : ’18 Week 6; Offense, Defense, and Moral Victories

It was a rough week 5 for Seahawks fans and Cowboys fans. At least in Seattle, there was some offense. Too much offense in fact from the visiting team but that’s not important. The guys go over what happened in week 5, including a little rant from each of them. Big mistakes were made in each game that cost them both a win quite possibly. Does Jason Garrett’s seat feel a little warm at this point? It should. Will Pete Carroll ever learn how timeouts actually work and how to use them properly? He really should. Both games were winnable, yet here we sit, at 2-3. Thankfully the NFC isn’t that great. They talk Drew Brees, Marshawn not getting the ball at the 1…not the play you’re thinking of either. Week 6 is here and they preview Dallas hosting Blake Freaking Bortles and the Seahawks making the trip across the pond to play the Raiders in a special London edition of get up early and watch football! Winners and a special shout out to one of their biggest fans. Go Hawks, Go Cowboys!