038 : ’18 Week 7; Tea, Crumpets, and Offensive Explosions

So many offensive explosions all over the NFL during week 6. Seahawks dominate the struggling Raiders in London while the Cowboys take down one of the top defenses, in fact, it was no contest. The guys talk recap their games in great moods! The Cowboys drop 40 on the Jaguars, and where has that offense been this season? Andrew is one of the fans asking that question. Nevertheless, Dak looked much better, and even ran the ball with some creative play calling. Their #4 rated defense continues to impress and is the story in Dallas for sure. Blake “Freaking” Bortles couldn’t do anything against them and it certainly looks like the true Bortles is out in force. Across the pond in London, the Seahawks dominate from the start, in what Bryan says is the most relaxing win for a fan, in quite some time. Offense, defense, special teams; it was all clicking. The offense even scored a TD on their first drive! Bryan talks about how big of a deal that was.

In NFL News, the Browns lost. Does Andrew’s prediction of 9 wins even have a chance in Cleveland? The guys also talk about the Gruden disaster in Oakland, the unbelievable that is A-A-Ron in Green Bay, and is Eli Manning a Hall of Fame QB? Can you imagine the bust with the oversized helmet? Laughable!

The Seahawks are on a bye for week 7 so Andrew gets the stage all to himself to talk about what Dallas needs to do for a win in Washington DC when they take on the Redskins on Sunday. How can they even things out and get off the floor in offensive rankings? Andrew solves that on this very podcast.

The Social Media Mailbag had some good stuff that led to some interesting debates on who the guys would want on the show as guests and are they feeling any different about their preseason predictions now that 6 games are in the books?

Paul Allen passed away this week, way too young, at 65 years old. The guys talk about what he meant as an owner of the Seahawks, how he saved them from going to LA, and how he was much more than just your typical owner. The Seahawks and Trail Blazers now face an uncertain future, but now, in this moment, we remember the man himself, what he did, and the rest will get figured out down the road. Mr. Allen, Rest In Peace.