040 : ’18 Week 9; New Faces, New Places, and Reese’s Pieces

Week 9 is here! But we cannot move forward without first looking back at what we went through to get here. Dallas had a bye week so Andrew has nothing to recap. Bryan got to watch his Seahawks go to Detroit and dominate. What did he like to see? What still irritated him? How is this team doing what they are doing when expectations were so low? The trade deadline in the NFL was a crazy one this season, and the guys go over the bigger moves and how they change the teams. The league is full of middle of the road teams. Who will take that extra step to contend now that we hit the second half? In this week’s preview, it is a huge Monday Night Game in Dallas. Amari Cooper makes his Cowboys debut, and with a new offensive line coach, can this Dallas offense finally put the pieces together to return to their former glory? Andrew sure hopes so, and he explains what he would like to see and what needs to happen for his team to take down the Titans of Tennessee. In Seattle, the Seahawks are hosting the LA Chargers, and it will be a challenge. As Bryan explains though, if they can stick with what’s working, they might have a real shot to show the league they are for real. November is here, and we are still just getting started. Be sure to listen to entire episode for your chance at a giveaway promotion the guys are doing this month.