039 : ’18 Week 8; Big Trades, Days Off, and Snap Infractions

While Bryan enjoyed a nice Sunday off with no Seahawks, Andrew had to endure a Cowboys loss against the Washington Redskins. What went wrong? Andrew has plenty to say about what went down, both bad and good, and of course the snap infraction. What the hell is a snap infraction? And this week, it’s his turn for a bye week, while the Seahawks take on the Detroit Lions. Bryan gives his keys for the Hawks to leave Detroit with a win. There is some good news with some big names returning to practice this week too. On top of all that, the guys talk about the big trade Dallas made for Amari Cooper, Mahomes continued success, and the latest on a Frank Clark extension. The season is going by so fast, so thanks for taking the journey with us. There may be another gift card giveaway too, so make sure you get to the end. Go Hawks, and Go Cowboys!

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