044 : ’18 Week 13; A Little Late, Some National Attention, and The Bitter Ex

Better late than never. Flu season attacks the guys and this week’s episode comes to you on a Friday! Some quick recaps of week 12 games, but a lot of attention to the opening game of week 13. The Thursday Night Football game in Dallas was HUGE for the Cowboys. Lots of analysis, reaction, and good things to say from even the Seahawks fan. What do the Seahawks have to do to continue their winning against the Niners? Will the Richard Sherman drama overshadow the actual game? Russell and Richard don’t seem to be friends, and both guys aren’t surprised. All that, and some NFL stories from the week including their views on the Kareem Hunt news. Did Kansas City do the right thing? What will the NFL do? Does he ever play again. All of that is discussed and more! Game picks, and a little fantasy football update round out a fun filled episode.