045 : ’18 Week 14; Non-Stories, Playoffs, and Butt Fumbles

We finish up recapping week 13 with the Seahawks big win over Richard Sherman’s Niners. That’s a whole lot of talk for nothing isn’t it Richard? That win paired with other results makes the playoff picture for the Seahawks a real possibility, and the guys discuss that for both teams. Before previewing the big games of week 14, the NFL was full of news this week. From Mike McCarthy being fired in Green Bay, to the Washington Redskins QB shortage and why isn’t a certain out of work guy getting the call? Power rankings don’t mean anything but they are fun when your team is climbing. There is more updates on the Kareem Hunt story and Seattle looks to get an XFL team, but who really cares? Dallas beating Philly this week would all but give the division to Dallas which is nuts. Seattle beating the Vikings on Monday night basically gives them a wild card spot as well. Could these two teams meet in the playoffs? That would be fantastic! There’s a fantasy football league update, some questions from social media, weekly game picks, and for the first time in a long time…some Star Wars talk!!! Loaded episode with only 4 games left in the regular season. Time flies when you’re having fun! Go Hawks…Go Cowboys! #ButterySmooth