046 : ’18 Week 15; Overtime, Primetime, and Squirrels

We cannot believe that week 15 is already here. It feels like just yesterday, we were previewing the season. We were looking at hopefully Dallas taking the next step and becoming a playoff team, and looking at Seattle hoping they would win 5 games. Both teams have been surprising in different ways but both teams look to lock up playoff spots this week with wins and could very well face each other in the first round of the playoffs. What a season it has been! Andrew recaps the always exciting Cowboys vs Eagles game, including a surprising “Awesome” that Bryan certainly doesn’t see coming. Bryan goes through the big Monday Night game in which the Seahawks defense made a statement, but what happened to the offense? Win and you’re in this week as Dallas travels to Indy for Captain Andrew Luck while Seattle heads south to face the Santa Clara Niners in Jeans Stadium. Will they show Richard Sherman that the middle of the road leads directly to the playoffs? Time will tell. The guys also discuss officiating, the exciting finish in Miami, squirrels on greasy poles, and much, much more.