052 : The Cheaters and The Cheated

A nice quiet football Sunday, free from drama or controversy has come and gone…a long time ago that is, because this Championship Sunday was far from drama free! The guys recap both AFC and NFC Championship games and address the controversial topics that plague each game. It’s the offseason for the Cowboys and the Seahawks, but news still happens, so the biggest stories of the week from each team is indeed covered. New OC in Dallas? New backup QB in Seattle? What one free agent do you want your team to go out and get this offseason? Easy answer from both Bryan and Andrew. The Super Bowl is 2 weeks away, but we start preparing now with the biggest storylines from each team and who is Bryan supposed to root for being a Seahawks fan?? The guys preview some upcoming special episode topics, discuss the Pro Bowl…for all of 2 seconds, and even talk a little baseball with Seattle Mariner great, Edgar Martinez, finally getting his call to Cooperstown. Go Hawks! Go Cowboys!