053 : Super Week! Does Anyone Actually Care?

The Big Game is upon us! The 53rd annual Bowl That Is Super, Football Game, goes down Sunday! That means it is Super Week and we are all in on all the festivities. Actually, the guys couldn’t care less this year. Is it because neither of their teams are in it? Maybe it’s just being tired of the Patriots always being in it. Either way, it feels like a lot of football fans aren’t that excited for what normally is a giant Sunday in February. The show must go on though and the guys recap the Pro Bowl, in all of about 60 seconds. Then it’s Seahawks and Cowboys news, if there is any to cover. They go over Roger Goodell’s ridiculous speech, Rob Ryan hire, Romo coaching someday, and a heart to heart with New Orleans fans. Later, they preview the big game and what each team needs to do to come out victorious. Bryan addresses the elephant in the room wearing the Rams gear, and what that means. Who would we all rather see during the Halftime show and the best prop bets that are out there and finally WINNERS game picks closes out one super episode. Go Seahawks! Go Cowboys! Screw you, Tom Brady.