074 : ’19 Week 6; Stats Don’t Lie, Or Do They?

We roll into week 6 with some fire! In their week 5 recaps, the guys have two very different stories to tell with the Cowboys losing their second in a row and the Seahawks taking down their division rival. Is it time for Cowboys fans to panic? Are the Seahawks an NFC favorite now? In NFL stories, the guys discuss Tom Brady’s aging, if the PI challenge is working, NFL coaching hot seats, and HandShakeGate2019 with Sherman vs Baker. With week 6 upon us, the Cowboys travel to New Jersey to play the terrible Jets and the Seahawks go to Cleveland to play the overrated Browns, but both Bryan and Andrew make it clear that their teams cannot play down to the level of their competition. These are trap games, and both teams better go in knowing that. Cap all that off with some mail bag, Dennis From Ohio, and game picks!!!

1 thought on “074 : ’19 Week 6; Stats Don’t Lie, Or Do They?

  1. Well I guess Darren Sproles is leaving his football career behind him. He decided to retire. He had quite a career with the Eagles. That of course means this game against the Cowboys will be his last. I hope he kills it!

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