080 : ’19 Week 14; One Rises, While the Other Falls

We make the final turn into the final quarter of the 2019 season with only 4 games left. The Seahawks are ascending in the NFC ranks while the Cowboys continue to stumble to the finish line. Loaded episode. Quick recap of Week 12, then an in depth look at the week 13 loss for the Cowboys and the thrilling Monday Night win for the Seahawks. Bryan looks at some NFL news stories, including Minshew Mania returning and Ron Rivera being fired in Carolina, plus the most updated playoff standings. Dennis From Ohio chimes in with his weekly question and then it’s on to preview the Week 14 match ups for both Dallas and Seattle. Both teams face very important games, with playoff implication hanging in the balance. What do they need to do to win? Game picks, and a few other things cap off a fun and exciting episode. Go Cowboys & Go Hawks!