081 : ’19 Week 15; Why Take the Hard Road?

Why do they have to make everything more difficult? The easy path was right in front of them, and yet, they choose not to even look at taking it. We are course referring to the Seattle Seahawks. It was a loss for both our teams in week 14. Dallas falls to da Bears, while Seattle doesn’t even come close to the Rams. Overall a bad week for both teams. In this episode Bryan goes through what happened with both teams including a very spirited rant on the current state of his Seahawks. Not to be missed. He also goes over the updated playoff picture, the Patriots cheating again, and Dallas finally making a change. Then it’s time to preview Week 15 as Dallas hosts the Rams and the Seahawks travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers. Must win game for both teams. What do they need to do to win? Listen to Bryan’s opinion on just that. Winners and Dennis From Ohio round out a loaded episode. Go Hawks and Go Cowboys.